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Legal Connection: Military Matters, one of KCMBF's three Legal Connection programs, strives to fill the gap in legal services available to military service members and veterans. For more information, go to

Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight


KCMBF’s Military Matters is proud to shine the November #ProBonoSpotlight on Lisa A. Hansen, owner of Law Office of Lisa A. Hansen, LLC

Lisa has volunteered her time with Military Matters for years, as she initially heard about the program through KCMBA’s Family and the Law Section  of which she is now President. When she learned of the program, she thought “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be volunteering my time for this.” Lisa has been a stellar volunteer, who ensures to accept almost all referrals that come her way through the program. 

Lisa’s father was in the Air Force for nine years, and she also has a niece who served in the National Guard. Lisa says if her father would have had his way, she and all of her siblings would have gone into the military to serve. While that didn’t happen, she has channeled her passion for supporting the armed services into the Military Matters program finding ways to use her expertise to help military service members.

Lisa distinctly remembers when she first decided to be a lawyer. As a junior in high school she saw a mini-series on TV based on a true story, about a military doctor who went free from a crime he committed for 11 years – killing his pregnant wife and two children.  Once he was convicted he was eligible for parole after only 17 years. She was livid! Lisa thought from that point she was going to be a prosecutor. After attending the University of Nevada for her undergraduate she became a social worker for seven years, and then attended the University of Kansas to gain her Masters in Social Work. She then worked at the Jackson County Family Court  which inspired a change of interest to become a family law attorney. Lisa attended UMKC School of Law and has practiced family law ever since. She had worked at Cordell & Cordell P.C .  for almost five years before she made the decision to start her own law office, where she still practices family law today.   

Outside of her business, Lisa loves to travel and try new restaurants and experiences. She also loves to cook and is a fan of wine tastings. Although the pandemic has stopped these kinds of pursuits, she looks forward to the opportunity to travel once again in the future. In the meantime she continues to spend her time serving military service members. Lisa believes attorneys should give back, and this is the way to do it. “Those who have served our country deserve time an attorney can donate the most, and there’s no reason not to get involved.” In her experience most cases aren’t that intensive and don’t take much time. “They are doing a job I don’t have the guts to do, so the least I can do is serve them this way.”

Thank you, Lisa, for your dedication to KCMBF’s #MilitaryMatters!
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How You Can Support Military Matters

Are you an attorney?  Join the Military Matters Legal Team - Help fill the gap in legal assistance available to military service members and veterans in our service area.

Providing pro bono service through Military Matters satisfies lawyers' requirement of participating in the Jackson County Juvenile appointment program for one year.

Administrative Order 18-06 states, in part:

Local Rules 21.4 (2014) and 21.6.1 (2010) govern the termination/withdrawal of attorneys and guardians ad litem in Chapter 211 RSMo. cases. Upon receipt of a Motion to Withdraw requesting that an attorney be relieved of an appointment in either a Chapter 211 case or a civil contempt case filed in the Family Court Division of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, the application shall be presented to the Court for consideration, except:
        1. If the attorney's request is based upon verified active participation in the Volunteer Attorney Project or the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation's Legal Connection: Military Matters program within the twelve month period preceding the date of the appointment;

Visit the Court's website here and read the Administrative Order here.

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Thank you to our 7th Annual Military Matters Symposium speakers!

The Effects of COVID-19 on Veterans
Thursday, November 12, 2020 | A Virtual Event
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