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Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight

Each month Military Matters highlights a volunteer attorney who goes above and beyond in accepting referrals for veterans and service members of the Kansas City community. The monthly recognition is meant to distinguish the great work being done by the hundreds of pro-bono volunteer attorneys within the Military Matters Legal Team. 


KCMBF’s Military Matters is proud to shine the February #ProBonoSpotlight on Nathalie C. Elliott, of Levy Craig Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

Nathalie has been a dedicated volunteer with the Military Matters program since it began accepting referrals in 2016. One of her colleagues at Levy Craig Law Firm attended the first volunteer recruitment event and came back to the firm encouraging their lawyers to join. Nathalie highlighted that Levy Craig Law Firm is very committed to doing pro bono work, and she enjoys being able to accept referrals in her main areas of practice.

Working with Military Matters is just one of the pro bono programs Nathalie has volunteered with during her legal career. She recalled a particular referral that highlights why she’s always done this work: a veteran who had recently successfully completed Veterans Treatment Court and wanted to gain custody of his daughter. Nathalie says, “You go into family law to help people, and you meet amazing people. Seeing that family from the beginning of not knowing what their rights were, all the way to the final hearing when this father got custody of his daughter was amazing.” Nathalie has personal ties to the military as her father was a veteran.

Nathalie began her legal career as a paralegal following her undergraduate studies. After several years, she attended UMKC School of Law  to become a lawyer. She began working at a large law firm in Kansas City, and several years later had a friend tell her she would be a good fit for the young, progressive firm Levy Craig. In her interview with Levy Craig, Nathalie found she would have to split her time between both commercial litigation (what she had been practicing to date) and family law. She had sworn in law school she would never go into family law. 

She agreed to practice family law part-time for six months, and if she didn’t enjoy it she could switch out of that practice area. After six months, Nathalie switched full-time to family law and hasn’t looked back. 

Outside of practicing law, Nathalie is a single mom who loves to travel with her adopted son, Christian.  Christian is graduating from high school in May of this year, and is looking forward to attending Colorado State University  in Fort Collins, CO next fall where he can explore his love for hiking. Nathalie also loves to cook and to entertain. 

Nathalie has been involved in volunteer pro bono projects throughout all of her career. “It’s part of why you should be a lawyer, to help people. In my area of law in particular, every family is touched by a family law issue at one time or another.” She especially enjoys the Military Matters program through the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation, as Military Matters has provided support for referrals when needed in the past. 

Thank you, Nathalie, for your dedication to KCMBF’s #MilitaryMatters!

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Providing pro bono service through Military Matters satisfies lawyers' requirement of participating in the Jackson County Juvenile appointment program for one year.

Administrative Order 18-06 states, in part:

Local Rules 21.4 (2014) and 21.6.1 (2010) govern the termination/withdrawal of attorneys and guardians ad litem in Chapter 211 RSMo. cases. Upon receipt of a Motion to Withdraw requesting that an attorney be relieved of an appointment in either a Chapter 211 case or a civil contempt case filed in the Family Court Division of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, the application shall be presented to the Court for consideration, except:
        1. If the attorney's request is based upon verified active participation in the Volunteer Attorney Project or the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation's Legal Connection: Military Matters program within the twelve month period preceding the date of the appointment;

Visit the Court's website here and read the Administrative Order here.

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Annual Military Matters Symposium

Each year KCMBF hosts the Military Matters Symposium which brings together active Military Matters volunteer attorneys, representatives of veterans support organizations, and other veteran/military experts in the community. Each symposium has focused on a particular veterans topic, with the goal of both education and collaboration between attendees. The purpose of the symposium is to determine if there are additional opportunities for supporting veterans in the Kansas City community.

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