Legal Connection: Military Matters

Legal Connection: Military Matters, one of KCMBF's three Legal Connection programs, strives to fill the gap in legal services available to military service members and veterans. For more information, go to

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Military Matters is now accepting applications to join the Committee.
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Applications due December 15, 2019.

Thank you to our 6th Annual Military Matters Symposium speakers!

Veteran Treatment Courts
Thursday, November 7, 2019 | KCMBA Event Center
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Chair, Nick McNeil and KC Rafferty

David White and Adam Baker

Photo 1: Chair, Nick McNeil and KC Rafferty
Photo 2: Moderator David White and Hon. Alexander, Hon. Bland, Comm. Fry, and Hon. McCarthy
Photo 3: Moderator David White and Adam Baker, Chris Carter, Kelly England, Tiffany Gregg, Dennis Johnson, and Bryan Meyer
Photo 4: David White and Adam Baker

Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight


This month, we are honored to present the Military Matters #ProBonoSpotlight to Shannon Sorensen, partner at Lawson Norris Sorensen, LLC. She focuses her practice exclusively on family law and she believes it is a greatly underserved need in our community, especially for our veterans and military service members. She tirelessly advocates for her clients to ensure the best possible outcome for the parents and the children involved. Shannon shared, "It all comes back to what Whitney Houston said: Children are our future and healthy parents lead to healthy children."

Shannon has never served in the military, but her brother is currently a major in the National Guard and served 18 months in Afghanistan and she is extremely grateful to all who have served and sacrificed. "The families of our service men and women often sacrifice the most. Their service begins when the military service ends," Shannon said. Volunteering with Military Matters is her way of saying thank you and helping these families see the glimmer of hope of a better life. She also serves on the board of Empowering Parents, Inc. and is actively involved with the Volunteer Attorney Project.

When she isn't in the office or courtroom, Shannon is an exercise enthusiast and enjoys running, skiing, golf, and has recently taken up triathlon events. She would like to learn how to knit, but freely admits to her inability to sit still long enough. She lives by the philosophy we should "shine light on what we want to grow. Focus on the positives, even in the most negative circumstances."

We thank you, Shannon, for your support of KCMBF's #MilitaryMatters !

Please visit the KCMBF Facebook Page to see the original post about Shannon's service to Military Matters.

How You Can Support Military Matters


Are you an attorney?

Join the Military Matters Attorney Roster - Help fill the gap in legal assistance available to military service members and veterans in our service area.

Providing pro bono service through Military Matters satisfies lawyers' requirement of participating in the Jackson County Juvenile appointment program for one year.

Administrative Order 18-06 states, in part:

Local Rules 21.4 (2014) and 21.6.1 (2010) govern the termination/withdrawal of attorneys and guardians ad litem in Chapter 211 RSMo. cases. Upon receipt of a Motion to Withdraw requesting that an attorney be relieved of an appointment in either a Chapter 211 case or a civil contempt case filed in the Family Court Division of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, the application shall be presented to the Court for consideration, except:
        1. If the attorney's request is based upon verified active participation in the Volunteer Attorney Project or the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation's Legal Connection: Military Matters program within the twelve month period preceding the date of the appointment;

Visit the Court's website here and read the Administrative Order here.

Click here to join our Pro Bono Network. To volunteer in other capacities, please contact Foundation Director, Sharra Wagner at or (816) 474-4322.

Donate - Change Lives 

Your donation will help Military Matters continue to grow and serve more veterans in our community.  From providing funds for filing fees, expert testimony and other court fees to providing materials to train attorneys in VA benefit claims, your donation matters.