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Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight

Each month Military Matters highlights a volunteer attorney who goes above and beyond in accepting referrals for service members and veterans of the Kansas City community. The monthly recognition is meant to distinguish the great work being done by the hundreds of pro-bono volunteer attorneys within the Military Matters Legal Team. 


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KCMBF’s Military Matters is proud to shine the June and July #ProBonoSpotlight on Marilyn B. Keller, of Wyrsch Hobbs & Mirakian, P.C.

Marilyn has been a volunteer with Military Matters for years, ever since she was pulled aside during one of KCMBA’s annual Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conferences and asked, “Have you heard about Military Matters?” Her father was in the military before she was born and her nephew currently serves in the Navy. Both of these ties have given her familiarity with the intensity and sacrifice involved in being an active member of the armed services.

“These are all really good people with common problems,” says Marilyn. The focus of Marilyn’s practice is criminal defense, a skillset she can use to assist veterans who come to Military Matters for help. She recently assisted a veteran who had been overwhelmed with charges from several jurisdictions. “They all stemmed from one problem: his driver’s license had been suspended. Then, you find yourself frozen and don’t know how to address getting out of the situation.” 

Marilyn has represented clients in municipalities within the greater Kansas City area and knows how to work through multiple charges across jurisdictions so the situation can be resolved. She has found that prosecutors in Kansas City and surrounding areas are very willing to acknowledge a veteran’s status and work with them to determine the best possible outcome. 

Marilyn originally went to school to be an accountant, graduating with her degree from William Jewell College. After working as an accountant for several years, a close friend insisted her personality was better suited to working within the field of law. With that encouragement, Marilyn attended the UMKC School of Law and counts herself lucky to have attended such a strong school. She was offered a clerk position at the law firm now known as Wyrsch Hobbs & Mirakian, P.C. in 1999, and has never left. 
Within her firm Marilyn has been supported in following her passions and giving back when possible. She appreciates being able to support veterans through Military Matters. “I think it’s a very respectful way for lawyers to say thank you to those who have been willing to sacrifice and put on hold their day-to-day life to serve. It’s truly meaningful.”

Marilyn is also involved with the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City,  specifically in their Connections Program where she is able to mentor young women lawyers. She and her husband have four children who have all graduated or are making their way through college. With her free time, Marilyn enjoys playing tennis and practicing yoga and is looking forward to enjoying live music in the near future! She also likes gardening. Her father greatly enjoyed tending to his rose bushes and she now has several at home that she tends regularly as a way to stay connected to him now that he has passed.

Thank you, Marilyn, for your dedication to KCMBF’s #MilitaryMatters!

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Providing pro bono service through Military Matters satisfies lawyers' requirement of participating in the Jackson County Juvenile appointment program for one year.

Administrative Order 18-06 states, in part:

Local Rules 21.4 (2014) and 21.6.1 (2010) govern the termination/withdrawal of attorneys and guardians ad litem in Chapter 211 RSMo. cases. Upon receipt of a Motion to Withdraw requesting that an attorney be relieved of an appointment in either a Chapter 211 case or a civil contempt case filed in the Family Court Division of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, the application shall be presented to the Court for consideration, except:
        1. If the attorney's request is based upon verified active participation in the Volunteer Attorney Project or the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation's Legal Connection: Military Matters program within the twelve month period preceding the date of the appointment;

Visit the Court's website here and read the Administrative Order here.

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Annual Military Matters Symposium

Each year KCMBF hosts the Military Matters Symposium which brings together active Military Matters volunteer attorneys, representatives of veterans support organizations, and other veteran/military experts in the community. Each symposium has focused on a particular veterans topic, with the goal of both education and collaboration between attendees. The purpose of the symposium is to determine if there are additional opportunities for supporting veterans in the Kansas City community.

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